Full Name: Shahrukh Kingsley

Nekkid Swimmer Guy

AKA: Number Four, Nekkid Swimming Guy
Age: Classified

Birthplace: Classified


Eye Color: Fierce Black
Hair Color: Black, Wavy, Long
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 99.79 kg
Blood Type:
Classified Body Type: Athletic
Family: Classified
Notable Scars: Classified Tattoos: Intricate pattern on his chest and back. Middle-Eastern motif.
Piercing: Classified

Languages: Turkish, Eastern European, English


Martial Status: Single

General Mannerisms: Projects Calm

Additional Factors:

Shahrukh is an early riser. He loves the ocean and is prone to do his kata with a recording of beach waves playing loudly. He particularly looks forward to our training sessions on the beach. I do think doing kata on the beach naked is a little disconcerting to look at.

How is (new) Number Four acclimating as a Virus? What is his take of the overall operation that focuses on destroying Maximillan Shoggi?

- Number Four is a perfect blend of silent warrior and intellectual. He has an affinity for battle strategies and covert tactics that is useful to the group. Triple C needed someone who has connections with East Asia, and Shahrukh brings a lot of expertise of, and experience from, that area.

Personal Evaluation

- His personnel file state that Shahrukh has some royal history in his blood. Rumors around CCC have mentioned revenge and ancient feud in his background. - I would like to know more about his background, but he, like his commando brothers, can be very good at evasion. So far, I have only one important piece of information. There is an ancient diamond involved in some kind of blood feud in Shahrukh's history. Very exotic, I know. Like the man himself. - Dr. Kirkland



Here is a sampling of what Rukh likes to do nekkid. On the very public beach:

World Games Kata Champion Antonio Diaz

World Games Kata Champion Antonio Diaz

World Games Champion - demonstrates Kata

These are just a few of Rukh's favorite things:

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