Number Seven
: Sully


Full Name: Jackson Sullivan

AKA: Number Seven, Grant, Sullivan Grant
Age: 33




Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:
Classified Height: 188 cm
Weight: 90.71 kg
Blood Type:


Body Type: Classified  

Family: Classified

Notable Scars: Classified

Tattoos: Classified

Piercing: Classified

Languages: Classified


Martial Status: Single

General Mannerisms: Fidgety

Additional Factors:

Jack Sullivan is all American "meat and potatoes" man. Unlike the other COS Commandos, who prefer a little more finesse, Sullivan likes a hands-on, search-and-destroy, "make my day" Clint Eastwoodesque approach when it comes to...everything

What is Sullivan’s general attitude regarding all the changes in CCC lately? - Sullivan is not happy that the SEALs are getting all the action. He wants to blow up bridges and bad guys too! He thinks Hell is getting more action than him too. I've heard him say aloud that he'll have to fight her next. Sullivan likes to fight.

Personal Evaluation

- Of all the Viruses, Sullivan has the quickest temper. His team mates called him Sully sometimes. He's become very good friends with Shahrukh Kingsley, who joined the COS Commandos after the Big Bang. I find that interesting because the two of them are opposite of each other in every way. Shahrukh is calm and quiet; Sullivan says what's on his mind and gets passionate about anything that interests him--women, football, politics. Shahrukh is
an early bird; Sullivan is always late. But the two of them get along well enough that they are seen together a lot. Lately, the Viruses have dubbed them The Twins in ironic fashion.

- Sullivan's private residence is very interesting too--a round tree house. He made it himself.  - Dr. Kirkland    


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