Number One: The Shadow


Number One

Full Name: Alexander Diamond
AKA: Number One, Sasha Barinsky
Age: 38
Birthplace: Classified


 Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Ultra-Blond
Height: 185.4 cm
Weight: 90.71 kg
Blood Type: A
Body Type: Athletic
Classified Notable Scars: Sports Related
Tattoos: None
Piercing: None

Languages: German, Russian, Eastern European


Martial Status: Widowed

General Mannerisms: Extremely focused

Additional Factors: Diamond has a preference in wearing white. He's quiet and keeps things close to the chest. His reluctance to be back at COMCEN markedly changed his behavior since I last saw him before Emma Diamond, GEM operative, was killed in action (KIA). His focus is, more so than his unit members, on revenge against Maximillian Shoggi, the arms dealer he holds responsible for his wife's death, as well as his other unit members KIA.

Personal Evaluation - taken from Doctor Kirkland's files:

- In my opinion, Alex Diamond is fighting an internal psychological battle with grief and anger. His retreat is similar to that of an injured animal, to lick its wounds. I find it of interest that, having been lured back by T., Diamond has had a love/hate relationship with her all these months. It's leading to a showdown of sorts, with marked tension when these two operatives are in close proximity. It hasn't led to any disruption in their assignments that I know of. In fact, I suspect that T.'s presence is what's keeping Diamond from disappearing again.

- Personally, the two of them makes a good covert team. Their alter egos as the arms dealers, Alexander "Sasha" Barinsky and Tasha Le Mieux, are good mirrors of their relationship. - Dr. Kirkland

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