Number Five: FlyBoy


Full Name: Michael Hunter
AKA: Number Five, Flyboy
Age: 31
Birthplace: Classified



Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Classified

Height: Classified

Weight: Classified

Blood Type: Classified

Body Type: Athletic

Family: Classified

Notable Scars: Classified

Tattoos: Classified

Piercing: Classified

Languages: French, some South East Asian languages


Martial Status: Single

General Mannerisms: Extremely Focused

Personal Evaluation

- It's my opinion that Michael Hunter is an adrenaline junkie. He is in love with speed. In my years of knowing Michael, he has managed to get permission to try out the newest aircrafts that are available from the Defense Department. He has been able to do so by using very good VIRUS tactics, especially by getting into the DOD's aircraft simulation program and helping them with the Virtual Reality Promotional Advanced Robotics Defense/Offense (ARDO) System that had gotten the DOD the needed funds from Congress. In fact, Michael still gets ribbed by his buddies as the VR PR Man in the very patriotic short virtual reality tour offered to the senators in the Defense Committee. - Michael Hunter has the potential to move on from COS Command to NASA to train as an astronaut. He is very capable in micro and macro robotics, which is so essential in aircrafts these days. But Michael, like his VIRUS brothers, doesn't like to talk about his future too much, especially to me. - Of note: I had an enlightening conversation with him a while back about the experience of being up in the air alone, hurtling through the skies at Mach speed, and how, at a particular moment, he claimed that it was like experiencing zen, or "being." No woman, he'd also added, had ever equal that feeling. - Dr. Kirkland

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