Number Eight



Number Eight: The Interrogator VITAL STATISTICS

Full Name: Heath Cliffe
AKA: Number Eight
Age: Classified Birthplace: Classified


Eye Color: Classified Hair Color: Classified Height: Classified Weight: Classified Blood Type: Classified Body Type: Classified Family: Classified Notable Scars: Classified Tattoos: Classified Piercing: Classified

Languages: Classified


Martial Status: Unknown

General Mannerisms: Volatile Moods 

Additional Factors: While Alexander Diamond favors white clothing, Heath favors the exact opposite. It is quite startling when they enter a room in full formal dress mode. The pair utilizes the effect quite often when executing complex appearance “tracks”. It is to be noted that no matter what persona Heath adopts he is never without one piece of jewelry; a necklace and pendant.   

Personal Evaluation

- Heath Cliffe is Number Eight. He is usually in the background because he's a very important asset to the unit. He's Jed's "backup," - Heath is also The Interrogator. He studies the art of Dim Mak, an ancient martial arts "secret" knowledge about pressure and vital points in the body. This system is used in various ways by the masters--for self-defense, for holistic healing (such as acupuncture), and Other Things. He's very good at this. - Dr. Kirkland

Very woo woo simpatico shit: 

I'm not so sure I want to "interrogate" the Interrogator after all  ;)

The Death Touch - Ancient Discoveries

The Death Touch - Ancient Discoveries

Dim Mak

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