Real name: Steve McMillan Also called: Catnip, Hot Stuff

Assignment: be friends with, and stay close to, drug warlord, Dragan Dilaver, and locate a missing explosive device as well as get the coordinates of all the illegal weapon caches. Then run like hell.

Talents: the ability to take charge of any situation, including asking his own best friend to nick him in the arm with a bullet to create a diversion, or command a non-koshered raid for his cousin. The ability to see through people's disguises. Not just a pretty face.

Intel: Jazz Zeringue's best friend, absolute trust in his friend and team mates, comes from a family where all the men are named Steve or its derivatives, and very, very protective of his woman.

Most favorite thing in the world: Edible strawberry underwear. Just ask Amber. 'Nuff said.

Book #2 of the Crossfire Series.  You can get it here.

"His island getaway off Florida was perfect when he felt like this-a little wild, a little melancholy, the need to connect to nature in its most natural setting, without battles and strategy planned ahead by humans. He could sit for hours playing with his fishing nets and going out to sea pretending to be Captain Ahab or the Old Man. Hours and hours of just sitting there enjoying the nothingness of contemplation, his mind at rest."

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