GLow AcronymsEdit

AFMIC:  Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center  (Now NCMI*)

'AIR:  'American Institutes for Research

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency

COMCEN:  Covert-Subversive Command Center

COS/CCC/TRIPLE C: Covert Subversive Command Center

DARPA: Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

ECPAT: End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

GEM: The acronym's meaning is not shared with "low" level intelligence

INSCOM: US ARMY Intelligence and Security Command

NOPAIN: Non-persuasive and innovative interrogation

RV: Remote Viewing

SAD: Special Activities Division

SCANATE: Scan by Coordinates

SITREP: Situation Report

SOG: Studies and Observation Group

'STAR FORCE: 'Standing and Ready Force

SSS: Super Soldier Spy

TIARA: Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TIRVVR: Totally Immersive Remote Viewing, Virtual Reality

TWMAEW: Third World Movement Against Exploitation of Women

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