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Foreword to Alex Diamond's and T.'s story. You don’t easily forget the men from the V-Project.

Covert operatives. Subversive activities. They both go hand in hand. For those in the know, the best operatives work in the shadow group called the Covert Subversive Commandos, COSCO for short. Most operatives spy and report; steal and deal with information; train or cancel individuals. COS Commandoes are deadlier. They take what was spied, reported, or stolen, and use it to demolish the enemy.

Very few people know about the elite troop within COSCO called the Virus Program, or the V-Project. Nine hand-picked men from all the different military and covert branches, trained to act as a unit and, like their name-sake, spread out to kill the target.

One to Nine, carefully chosen to mix together like a well-written recipe. For danger, that is. Each with a special skill, each trained in combat as a group and defense as an individual. Being Viruses, they were taught to sabotage, subvert, and destroy from within any target. And it was no accident that each Virus was powerfully seductive. Dangerous men who knew what they wanted. Indeed, a combination irresistible to women.

Powerful, unforgettable individuals, they were practically invulnerable as a unit.

Until the explosions that splintered the group for over a year. Those who came across them during that time never forgot these men, especially the women.

Three sailboats. Seven operatives--five of them Viruses. All heading in different directions when they were targeted.

Number Nine, the leader, the one known as the Ice Man, watched as the world turned to fire and ash. Accidents did not happen in threes. Not all at once. He had to find a way to protect his men from further danger.

Number Three, the Programmer, was heading south. MIA.

Number Seven and Number Eight disappeared with their boat. Presumed dead.

Number One, the Shadow, couldn’t save his precious wife as his world went up in flames. Something died inside. He turned and walked away. He would never forget what happened.

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