Full Name: Armando Chang
AKA: Number Six
Age: 28
Birthplace: Southeast Asia


Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 180.3 cm
Classified Blood Type: Classified Body Type: Athletic
Family: Sister
Notable Scars: Classified Tattoos: Classified Piercing: Classified

Languages: English, Southeast Asian


Martial Status: Single

General Mannerisms: Volatile Moods

Personal Evaluation

- Armando Chang was a little “odd” before he participated in the TIVRRV project. But since participating in testing the new serum, SYMBIOS II, he has been using his warped sense of humor i.e. the cape, illusionist aspirations, and mental games to distract the casual observer from the obvious issues. - While Armando has never quite “failed” a mission, his lack of dedication to the rules, make him an unpredictable variable. (Side Note: I have solicited evaluation from Number Eight regarding Armando’s psychological profile. Depending on his report, I will be contacting Numbers One & Nine regarding my own personal evaluation. - From reading his family history, I would classify Armando Chang an extreme loner. He was the most educated of his Triad crime family and his philosophy and sense of self were compromised due to their insistence that he became part of the criminal activities. His own elder stepbrother had imprisoned and tortured Armando's own sister to ensure his cooperation. I would say that the young man had a lot of internal conflict and mental damage the past few years that have not been given time to heal. Although he could be a handful to deal with, especially in a conversation, he was very clear when he indicated his goals to me: 1. Protect his sister. Make sure his sister gets better. 2. Destroy the Triads links so they cannot hurt him or his sister again. - But first, I feel that Armando has to deal with his own pain. There's a lot of guilt involved. As a Virus, he has channeled a lot of energy into learning the system and compartmentalizing his emotions. That's part of the Virus training. However, I'm unsure whether that's good in the long run for his mental health. -Dr. Kirkland

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